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Jammu & Kashmir offers some of the most exciting Hiking in destinations in world, In Indian himalayas hiking can be done in so many states. But in Jammu and Kashmir Ladkah and Zanaskar region are best for hiking. Hiking does not require an experienced walker. You have to be fit and healthy and courageous enough to take up challenges. In India, Hiking is not just restricted to Himalayan regions, the lower altitude regions of the Western Ghats and Nilgri Hills also provide some pretty good options to enjoy a nice hike.Ofcourse hiking involves walking, but there are certain things every hiker should keep in mind, before taking up the next hiking trip. Firstly, the clothing should be of a fabric that provides a breather to your skin and allows your body to shed excess heat and sweat while feeling dry, so avoid cotton because it retains sweat and doesn't release it to evaporate.

For cold weather, look for polypropylene such as Capilene, Thermion, Thermax and Thermastat or silk undershirt. For warm weather - CoolMax, Supplex, or polyester microfiber are good choices for base covering. Upon this you could wear a shirt and pants of wool, fleece, pile, or down. A windproof and water-resistant jacket worn loosely also works as a good clothing option, which can be removed when you start feeling warmer after walking.The right hiking shoes for your feet can make all of the difference for walking comfort and an enjoyable hike tour. A hiker should also have a variety of shoes to meet different climates and surfaces. If your walks are taking up natural paths and off-beaten tracks, you may want more rugged shoes. Look for the lighter weight variety shoes for hike and those with some flexibility and are waterproof. The socks should also be made from CoolMax, polypropylene, or other woven fabric as they wick away the sweat to evaporate and help prevent blisters. Other things that a hiker has to carry include hat, waist packs, hike backpacks, water bottles, sunscreen and hike tour route maps.


The best place in Kashmir where you can indulge in River Rafting is in River Lidder near Pahalgam. The river hosts the two different stretches, which are quite suitable for river rafting. They are great for rafting but they cannot be called treacherous as the slopes are not that steep, and this attribute of the river is idle location for the tourist . One can go for a daylong excursion to the river. You can also take up white water canoeing in rivers like Sindh and Drass and Suru and in the many high altitude lakes like Gangabal, Kaunsarnag and Vishensar. Its worth the time and money that you will spend on it.

The rivers run trough few of the most mesmerizing landscapes, giving you the opportunity to explore those wonders of nature, which are other wise unreachable through land routes. Few stretches are long enough that they take days to complete. And in between, you will stay in camps setup under the snow-capped mountains and hilltop monasteries, just by the sides of these roaring rivers.


We are pleased to share our province side its temperament, society and years of our involvement in this field with you and give you a fabulous chance to investigate our excellent Himalayas. Trekking structures a vital piece of the enterprise games prospering in the Vale of Kashmir. The Vale of Kashmir 129 km long and 40 km wide, is encompassed by magnificent snow-topped mountains. In the south-west, the Pir Panjal ascending at spots to 5,000 meters isolates the valley from the fields. The main go in this mountain reach is Banihal through which vehicular activity streams into the valley from the Jammu territory. On the north-east, the valley is flanked by the Pangi range, the main summits of which are Harmukh and Mahadeo, both near the capital 16 city of Srinagar. Toward the north is the glorious Ladakh range, and the Lidder Valley is secured by the Kolahoi massif. A blend of lakes, streams, high height glades, organic product plantations and snow topped crests, Kashmir offers boundless assortment for the individuals who search for un spoilt common excellence. Present day framework has made Kashmir significantly more open and pleasant than before. Great quality inns, houseboats, air connections, transport administrations, greens, trout angling beats, heli-skiing, water games and mountaineering are only a couple of its open air conceivable outcomes. Be that as it may, for the enterprise significant other, trekking remains the most mainstream method for investigating Kashmir.

Trekking in Kashmir does not mean simply strolling over forested mountains as it joins nature and the neighborhood society. As the trekker moves higher, the scene changes. Chinar and poplar trees are supplanted by fir, pine and oak lastly Burch trees, the high glades and an abundance of vivid wild blossoms. The straightforward villagers in the fields with their organic product plantations and paddy fields are supplanted by transient groups of Nomads/Gujjars, herders who cross the high mountain goes with their dairy cattle looking for greener fields. The primary ranges of fascination for the trekker in Kashmir are the Sind and Lidder valleys which bolster various high elevation glades. The townships of Sonamarg and Pahalgam are the principle trekking heads, both for short climbs and more treks in the Himalayas


Paragliding is about having an experience , anyone with normal health without any prior training can participate in it, in fact the paraglider is flown by an experienced pilot who accompanies the participant, this type of flights are called tandem flights. The pilot and the participant are attached to the glider by two separate flight harness both separated by a T-Bar. Immediately after takeoff the harness transforms into a comfortable sitting position, like a comfortable chair, where you sit back and enjoy the flight.

Just about two years ago the Tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir introduced Paragliding at Astanmarg near Srinagar, and slowly it is becoming quite popular with the tourists. When I was there recently I decided to check it out. In one word the experience is adventurous, including the ride and the hike to the mountain from where it starts. Astanmarg is a beautiful small hamlet on the outskirts of Srinagar barely connected it to any pukka road close by. Three years back it was picked up as a spot to start the first paragliding experience camp in Jammu and Kashmir and since then it is slowly becoming a recognisable name, at least amongst the adventure sport enthusiasts.